Boulder City, Nevada-- Calvary Chapel

Boulder City was a lot quieter than Vegas and full of Retirees.  It is Sunday,  a perfect day to take a little break from driving.  We found a little church named Calvary Chapel in a shopping strip, we attended the early service.  It was a sweet little church full of elderly people. The worship was a a middle age man playing his guitar as we sang along with the words on the projector.  A sweet old lady named Rosie sat in front of us in her fur coat even though the temperature inside of the church was well over 80 degrees.  The pastor preached a  Bible message about Jesus returning one day, that everyone will know when he returns.  Everyone was very friendly and happy to see some young people in their church.  As we were leaving an older gentleman offered to buy Christian because he looks like a hard

After church we went to the local laundry mat and cleaned all of our laundry in an hour and a half...a new record for a weeks worth of dirty laundry. We stayed at a local campground  that had a pool and hot tub. The pool was like ice water but the hot tub was nice.

Christian ate a grasshopper for dessert.

Monday morning we hugged a cactus and departed for Arizona.