Fort Benning, Georgia

We visited Aunt Amanda (Chris's sister) and Uncle Mike in Fort Benning, GA. It was so great to stay in their guest room, use their kitchen, (have a break from our RV) and spend time with them.  Mike is a Ranger in the Army and Chris was a Ranger in the Army. We visited some of the places where Chris trained and where Mike works. 

We visited the Ranger Memorial on base and the Army Infantry Museum (very impressive museum and a must see).  We visited the Airborne drop towers where airborne soldiers do their first jump.

We walked to the dog park almost everyday so Henry and Ellie could play. 

My kids made friends with the neighbor kids and enjoyed riding their skateboards and scooters in the neighborhood.

We celebrated Madison's birthday while we were there. She thought that was very special being with her Aunt for her Bday! She baked a special cake and decorated her dining room just for Madison.


The kids gave the Ranger training obstacle course a whirl. They said it was their favorite part of the visit there.  Christian could do almost every obstacle. I loved seeing their determination and dedication to trying it all.

Madison climbing the obstacle walls.

Christian was the only one that could make it through this part of the course.

Come together...lift!


Climbing the ladders.

Even Henry gave it a try

Sunday we went to main post chapel. It was a lovely service, all were military families and couples. Chris had the only beard in the

The kids practicing their first airplane jump! ^


The Airborne drop towers are behind us.

Ranger Memorial



Ice cream night with Aunt Amanda!

Puzzle time!

Ellie and Henry at the Dog Park

Skateboarding to the park

Happy Birthday, Madison! We decorated the dining room while she was sleeping as a birthday surprise:)

Birthday Girl

Aunt Amanda and Madison made her birthday cake together.

Dinner out in Columbus, GA. We had Southern chicken and waffles!




The Army Infantry Museum

Saying "Goodbye" and "See you later"!  We had a great time!