It is Sunday and we are in TEXAS

We stopped in Fort Worth, Texas Saturday night.  Before we go to bed on Saturday night we google search churches near us and make a decision where we will be attending service the next day.  This Sunday we chose a church held in a movie theater called the Today Church!  It was an awesome service, the pastor spoke right to the heart, the message was on forgiveness.  The people were very friendly, worship was great and seats were comfy. If we had stayed longer in Fort Worth, we would have plugged in with this church.  I really liked this city. It was the first city on the trip where people were friendly on the road and friendly everywhere we went.  

After Church we had lunch at Golden Chick, a fast food chicken chain in Texas. It was some good fried chicken, y'all!  We decided to go fishing after lunch, a local guy recommended  Augies on Eagle Mountain Lake. It was a beautiful spot.  We didn't have much luck with the fish but we had a good time.

Driving across West Texas...cotton fields as far as the eye could see!

Royal dinner at the Burger King Saturday night.

The movie theater

The kids waiting for Mom to finish getting ready for church.

Inside the movie theater church, during worship.

In front of Today Church, Fort Worth, TX

After church we had lunch at The Golden Chick. It was deep-fried deliciousness!

Fishing on Eagle Mountain Lake in Fort Worth, Texas.

Our fishing spot at Augies

"Big Phat Butt" boat

It is a beautiful Sunday for fishing!

Putting a worm on her hook.

So patient...

A beautiful sunset on the lake.

Feeding the ducks some crackers.

Breathtaking beauty