Montezuma Castle National Monument in Arizona

The Montezuma Castle in Camp Verde, Arizona is over 900 years old built into a Limestone cliff.  The Sinagua people were daring builders and skilled engineers creating a pueblo protected from the elements of the desert.  The cliff apartment had shade in the hot summer months and sun in winter.  90 feet off the ground gave them protection from any enemy tribes and protection from the occasional flooding of the creek below the castle. They have found that the Sinagua people were successful farmers, cultivating corn, beans and squash. They may have been the first farmers in the Verde Valley, arriving around 700 AD.

We were hoping to see it on the inside but they stopped letting people inside in 1951 due to visitor safety and damage to the dwelling. There is a cliff dwelling in Colorado, Mesa Verde National Park, that still give tours inside! We will definitely be visiting it on our trip.

Montezuma Castle

The beautiful autumn trees by the castle.

The kids were filling out their official Junior Ranger activity guides. They are Junior Rangers at Montezuma Castle now.

OK so,  we thought this looked like a giant asparagus.

 We did a quick stop in Phoenix, Arizona where Chris's cousin lives. She manages one of the best grocery stores I have ever been in. It is a brand new Fry's. It had a parking lot full of solar panels, which also provides shade for the cars parked in the lot. We did a little shopping while we were there and had free sushi, cheese, and cake samples...Yum!

Solar panel parking lot cover at the grocery store.

Kellie (Chris's cousin) is expecting her first baby in less than a month...she is the most adorable pregnant lady I have seen!


Next destination...New Mexico!