South Carolina

South Carolina has a beautiful coast.  We arrived in Myrtle Beach, SC on my birthday.  A large winter storm was forecasted to hit the East coast all the way down to Northern Florida,  bringing freezing temperatures, snow and ice.  We decided to  stay at a campground in Myrtle beach because it had a recreation room, indoor pool, and some space for us to spread out while waiting for the storm to pass.   It was a nice thing the first couple days, the kids skateboarded, played on the playground, bingo, ping pong, and swam in the indoor pool.  Then the freezing rain and snow came and we could not use our water in our RV ( luckily there was a full bathhouse we could use).  When the South gets snow and ice the whole place shuts down...including the campground.  On the worst days of the storm, no one came to work to unlock the rec room so we were stuck in very close quarters in our RV for a couple days.  The kids got a lot of school work done on those days.

After four days we had CABIN FEVER!  The sun came out and we decided to brave the roads to Charleston, SC.  The two hour drive took us about 5 hours because I was driving and  being extra cautious in the snow with the RV.  We made it safely before dark to Wal-mart...our camp spot for the night.  It was very quiet because even Wal-mart had closed  from the poor road conditions.  

The next day we looked up one of Chris's friends that had started a business there in Charleston.   Glen and his wife Nichole invited us to stay with them for a few days.  They were so hospitable and kind to our family.  We visited, played charades, ate home-cooked meals, went to the local trampoline park, explored Charleston, went to a great church, and Madison got a fun manicure from Nichole. We also got to see our puppy again!  When we moved from North Carolina to Washington we had two dogs but we could only bring one with us.  Glen agreed to take Capone for us.  We were so surprised to see Capone 13 years later alive and doing great!  He is living the doggy dream being spoiled by Glen and Nichole with lots of love and attention.  I don't know if he recognized us but it was a very sweet surprise for us see him again.

 Charleston's history and architecture had us googly-eyed.  The beautiful old houses, cobblestone streets, big leafy trees, the gas lanterns, Fort Sumter where the first Civil War shots were fired, the Charleston harbor, Battery park district,  and the plantation houses scattered throughout the growing city.  Charleston is a beautiful port city where the history is preserved very well.  

The day we left Charleston, all the snow had melted away, we visited a plantation. The Charles Pinckney National Historic Site is preserved because Mr. Pinckney was a principal author and signer of the United States Constitution!  Did you know that? I didn't.  He is called the "forgotten founder".  We also learned that Charleston's first cash crop was rice because it did so well in their low country.  We also learned that the African slaves influenced the diet of the south with the deep fried meats because it was a common practice in their homeland.  The slaves had their own langue called Gullah or Geechee. I have a picture below of a Bible written in Gullah opened to John 3:16...try to read it.  My favorite part of the plantation were the trees!  Look at them...they are amazing...I wanted to bring one home with me...just one and put it in my yard :)



Our campground at Myrtle Beach...

Hooray for indoor swimming pools when it is 20 degrees outside!

After the freezing rain and snow...the beach was a solid sheet of ice.

Frozen palm tree


Playing ping pong in the rec room

Doing schoolwork in the RV

Driving to Charleston...the roads were covered in ice.

Christian and Capone our old puppy...

He is such a sweetheart

Fun at the Trampoline had a ninja course too.

Converse shoes manicure....Thank you, Nichole!

Driving around Charleston...

Thank you, Glen for letting us borrow your car so we could navigate the narrow streets of Downtown Charleston.

Charleston harbor

Charles Pinckney Plantation

I am in love with the trees here...I have officially become a tree hugger.


The Bible written in Gullah, read John 3:16 for fun...

Just because I want you to see the chicken paws found in the local grocery store next to the gizzards and hearts...

Check out our video below. Historic Charleston....