Visiting Family in North Carolina

 We visited my family in North Carolina and spent Christmas together.  It was full of cousins playing games, jumping on the trampoline, racing on the go-cart, riding on the hover board, baking cookies, watching Christmas movies, making slime, and making sweet memories.   It was a precious time together. 

We parked our RV (we named her Alice) at my sister's house.  Henry had free range of her big yard, he loved it when the kids would come outside and run around with him. His favorite spot was Sherry's front porch, he would stare inside at her cat Murphy who was always staring back at him from the inside. 

We went to church with Grandma and Pop Pop, with Aunt Sherry and Uncle Keith and to a Christmas program at Grandpa Greene's church.   I went to women's Christmas dinner with my Mom, sister and sister-in-law.

Madison had a fantastic time with her cousin Avery, they are the same age.  They played non-stop, borrowed each other clothes, tried to dress the same, baked cookies together, had sleepovers....basically became best friends.  I wish we lived closer to each other so they could hang out more often.

Christmas morning, Santa left presents at Aunt Sherry's house for us.  Christmas day Grandma, Grandpas, Aunts, Uncles, cousins all came to Sherry's for a big Christmas feast. 


Cousins With Grandma and PopPop at church

Best Cousins

Angry cat with the elf on the shelf

Baking cookies with cousins

Silly Santas

Working hard to earn some spending money. Thanks Uncle Keith!

Christian helped Uncle Keith replace the motor in the GoCart.

Go Cart and hover board fun!

Our Christmas puzzle

At a Christmas program at Grandpa Greene's Church. The kids saw santa and got presents.

The cousins after church

Mazarick park, Fayetteville

I had fun doing an escape room with my best friend Crystal!

Foot Golf at Stryker Golf Course with Grandpa Greene

Chris, Uncle Keith, and Christian went Catfishing in SC.

Woo Hoo!  They tasted good too!

Our silly Christmas presents from our friends back home. Thank you, Smith family!

Roasting marshmallows


My family and my sister's family

Christmas PJs from Nana!

A unicorn and a cat

Santa's cookies and hot chocolate

Christmas morning

Tired Mommas Christmas day

Last day...we all took a ride in the RV to MiCasita's for lunch.

Time to say "See you Later" ! We had a great time and can't wait to do it again! Love you all!